ICP Environmental sanitation 2008-2009

01 September 2008 → 30 September 2009
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Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Ecology
    • Environmental science and management
    • Other environmental sciences
environmental sanitation
Project description

The growing awareness of the impact of human activities on the environment and the resulting threat to both nature and man have convinced most governments of the need to include prevention of air, water and soil pollution as well as the sanitation of polluted sites in their priority action programmes. Since relatively few people have so far been trained to properly address pollution issues, it is imperative that, in addition to research into environmental matters, the education and training of specialists in pollution prevention and remediation are given urgent attention in every country. The ICP 'Environmental Sanitation' aims the formation of environmental specialists with sufficient knowledge of (1) the concept of pollution and what it actually means, (2) the detection and quantification of environmental pollution, (3) the possible impact of environmental pollutants on ecosystems and biota , coupled with the current techniques for risk assessment, and (4) the available technologies for prevention and remediation of environmental pollution and how they are applied in practice. The program mainly focuses on graduates from developing countries with a responsible position in the field of environment within local administrations, universities or NGOs.