Water Treatment Unit Breadboard

01 December 2013 → 31 March 2016
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water treatment
Project description

Based on the outcome of Previous studies addressed the separate treatment of urine (nitrification) and water recovery from grey water

(nanofiltration/ultrafiltration). The ambitious purpose of this project is to design and build a system which combines urine nitrification with membrane units recovering water from the nitrified urine blended with grey water. Potential

interfaces and add-on technologies will include ion exchange and electrodialysis. This highly automated system will have an approximate cost of >200 k EUR, will be size for 1 astronaut, and

will be operated with real urine and grey water, to demonstrate its high functionality and robustness. Extensive testing, in-depth characterisation and optimisation of the process

will consolidate the expected performances and physical characteristics, as well as reduce

the system size. This type of information

will be crucial for general system sizing of future exploration habitatsystems.