The Seahorse XFe96 analyzer to decipher cellular bioenergetics and mitochondrial dysfunction after exposure to food and environmental stressors.

01 December 2020 → 30 November 2022
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Dietetics and molecular nutrition
    • Nutritional physiology
    • In vitro testing
    • Toxinology
    • Bacteriology
Food environment health sugars toxins contaminants bioactive molecules mitochondria bioenergetics NAFLD NASH
Project description

Here, we request an on-line probe-based extracellular flux analyzer for the studies of cellular bioenergetics. Bioenergetics comprises respiration and enzymatic/molecular systems for ATP generation. Disturbances induced by diet, or food and environmental contaminants, may lead to cellular dysfunction, which is on the basis of chronic diseases (NAFLD, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer,…), and can be in-depth investigated using Seahorse XFe96.