Shed the correct light on plants in dedicated core research facilities.

01 December 2020 → 30 November 2022
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Ecophysiology and ecomorphology
    • Plant morphology, anatomy and physiology
  • Engineering and technology
    • Other biotechnology, bio-engineering and biosystem engineering not elsewhere classified
Innovative LED lighting spectral light recipes light-plant interactions
Project description

In this project, innovative multi-waveband LED light units (RAYN) will be used with precise spectral and intensity controls. Research on plant-light interactions is therefore no longer limited to traditional blue and red wavebands and their typical ratios, or to white light, but specific light recipes depending on the research goals can be created from 12 different wavebands, including UV and far-red, by simple touch control. RAYN LEDs will also be mounted in a climate chamber (ICH260 with temperature range between -10°C and 60°C) to create an unparalleled research unit to investigate light-plant-insect interactions, frost stability of plant sensors and the relevance of green tissues to plant hydraulics during frost.