Towards improved compliance and quality of the works for better performing buildings

01 March 2014 → 28 February 2017
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improved compliance buildings
Project description

QUALICHECK Towards improved compliance and quality of the works for better performing buildings IEE/13/610/SI2.675574 Prof. Arnold Janssens

This proposal aims at determining best cases and tackling bottlenecks to increase the reliability of EPC input data, to influence quality of construction and to support compliance with building Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy regulations, as well as to support transition towards nearly zeroenergy buildings (IEE 2013 Call priority "Integrated Initiatives I Energy efficiency and renewable energy use in buildings I Tracking market transition").

There are 3 specific objectives, i.e.

•obtain a better understanding of the situation on the ground regarding compliance and quality of the works influencing the energy efficiency of buildings

•promote and support COMPLIANCE with building energy regulations (support improved implementation of building energy regulations by identifying challenges and providing best cases);

•promote and support QUALITY of the energy related building works (influence quality in construction and workmanship by identifying successful approaches); Actions include evidence regarding the existing status on the ground, identifying best practices and solutions regarding easy access to reliable EPC input data, more quality of the works and better compliance and effective penalties, and a whole range of activities to raise awareness and engage policy makers and all relevant stakeholders. There will be specific focus on 9 countries, 4 technology areas, handling of innovation and on the residential sector. Support from stakeholders is considered crucial for effective implementation of governmental measures related to compliance and quality issues. Interaction with a wide range of stakeholders at the European level is foreseen by setting up the QualiChEck platform. In the 9 focus countries, there will be national stakeholders' concertation and roadshows. Synergy with relevant key initiatives is important and interaction with the Concerted Actions on EPBD, RES and BED, and the BUILD UP Skills Initiative is foreseen. The communication strategy supports both the broad dissemination of project outcomes and the constructive engagement of authorities and stakeholders.