Developing software with the PHP Symfony framework using state of the art software engineering principles

01 November 2009 → 31 March 2010
Federal funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Applied mathematics in specific fields
software engineering
Project description

The project aims at creating and extending the knowledge to create university wide web applications with the PHP Symfony framework. While pursuing this goal the trainees will implement an on line job database application. The bright -- those that are quicker than the rest -- will have the chance to propose and implement their own application.
Mekelle and Jimma university have already started the implementation of an useradministration system with the Symfony framework. This was funded by the VLIR in March 2009. The implementation and training took a lot of effort and guidance. Their knowledge is not yet high enough to train their own people. By extending their knowledge a second time they can start using "train the trainers" principle.
The knowledge of modern programming techniques is very low. Current VLIR-IUC partners have no or very low knowledge of the following software engineering principles:
- Pair programming
- Extreme programming
- Agile programming
- Using a version control system