Synthetic optimization of fosmidomycin (analogues) towards selection of a preclinical candidate that combines promising pharmacodynamic bioacailability properties.

01 March 2013 → 30 September 2016
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
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DOXP reductoiomerase malaria non-mevalonate pathway
Project description

A mevalonate independent pathway for isoprenoid biosynthesis the socalled MEP pahtway, has been discovered recentyly and validated as new drug targetfor with this pathway through inhibtion of DOXP reductoisomerase, is a promising clinicallly effective antimalarial agent. tHIS PROJECT AIMS AT THEFURTHER OPTIMIZATION OF THIS PROMISING LEAD VIA/

1)the synthesis of a series of novel ss-substituted fosmidocycin analogues.

2) the synthesis ofa small liberary of phosphoramidate prodrugs of fosmidoycin and analogues. Careful screening of the final compounds will be performed in colleboration with esteemed national and international research groups.