Research into the wood quality boxers (Prunus avium L.)

15 December 2010 → 15 June 2011
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Agricultural and food sciences
    • Forestry sciences
Project description

Objective Taking into account the "aesthetic" toepassingnen cherry wood, the investigation into timber quality involves not so much determining mechanical properties or - to determine the proportion of heartwood - the quantification and appreciation of the color of the heartwood The objective of the research project is two-fold: 1. the determination of the two above features for a number of genotypes selected in the basic collection of boskors. 2. The determination of the heritability H²a (i.e., heritability in the narrow sense) of both paramaeters and the explanation of a possible correlation with other traits (vigor and growth rate, and shape parameters dendrometric