An innovative continuous freeze drying platform for orally disintegrating tablets

01 January 2017 → 31 October 2020
Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
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Manufacturing of Orally Disintegration Tablets (ODT) Continuous Freeze Drying Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
Project description

This research project will contribute to the development of a new formulation and manufacturing
platform for tablets that melt in the mouth (orally disintegrating tablets – ODTs). The envisaged
innovative manufacturing technology will be based on freeze drying and is superior to the current
batch-wise manufacturing systems of ODTs because it runs continuously. The project is divided in
three parts: (1) A formulation redevelopment suitable for the new manufacturing. The aim is for
instance to find alternatives for gelatin or an oil-in-water system and to investigate the feasibility
of high dose and combination melt tablets. (2) The second part will focus on the freezing and
annealing phase. It is aimed to fully understand these steps allowing us to evaluate the suitability
of the current freeze technology and eventually specify the favourable process conditions. (3)
Lastly, we will investigate more efficient drying methods compatible with a continuous operating
mode and develop mechanistic models for these alternative drying methods. To make these
models we will need to unravel the physics behind the new manufacturing platform. These models
will furthermore enable to optimize a specific process. To finalize this project, a conceptual design
of the new innovative manufacturing system will be developed.