Master of Science in Environmental Sanitation

01 October 2016 → 30 September 2017
Federal funding: VLIR-UOS
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Sustainable and environmental engineering
environmental sanitation
Project description

The objective of the 'Master of Science in Evironmental Sanitation' (IMENVI) is the training of environmental specialists with a good knowledge of all facets and processes of the environment (soil, water, air) and the use of integrated insights. The program aims to deliver graduates who can apply a multidisciplinary approach in environmental sciences and technologies, and who can combine instruments for prevention and remediation in order to help achieve sustainable exploitation of the environment. Graduates from the program are expected to understand and deal with multi-stakeholder perspectives, needed to solve the environmental problems at local and global level, using both standardized and innovative tools (such as integrated environmental modeling and protocols for environmental impact reporting). In addition, the program places a strong emphasis on environmental issues in developing countries through the implementation of relevant technologies and management methods for local implementation.