Structure and processing for high-quality of chocolate pralines

01 October 2008 → 30 September 2011
European funding: framework programme
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chocolate pralines
Project description

Chocolate is a complex material, which can be damaged by means of bloom growth or cracking. This is a significant issue for filled products such as pralines that an prevent the manufacture of products of sufficient quality. It is the aim of this project to study the phenomena of chocolate bloom and crack propagation in chocolate pralines. The mechanisms will be studied and then ways in which these problems can be avoid will be developed. A total of five demonstrations are planned in the project, three demonstrations toward each of the participating SMEs (in their production line), and two demonstrations towards the whole community in Europe at AAK and Buhler. Training and dissemination are also importants parts of this project. Six courses will be hold in three different European locations, and disseminations through all Europe (three SME workshops) will be important for the success of the project.