Fourier Transform Middle Infrared Spectrometry (FT-MIR) as a prediction tool for quality parameters of meat and egg products.

01 November 2009 → 31 October 2011
Regional and community funding: IWT/VLAIO
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Animal biology
    • Systems biology
Project description

In this project the potential is verified by Fourier Transform mid-infrared spectrometry (FT-MIR) as predictietool for the overall composition and quality parameters on meat and egg products. If quality parameters will fatty acid, fat quality, Feder Number, water activity and salt content can be determined. These parameters are currently being determined by spectrophotometric, titrimetric, and chromatographic methods, all of which are either expensive and / or are labor intensive and / or time consuming. During the Project will be developed and validated predictievergelijkingen to predict these parameters, and this specifically on meat and egg products. To achieve this objective, it is important to use well-chosen samples to the predictievergelijking and validate. This sampling will be done in a joint approach between companies and applicants. Through case studies will be sampled several places in the production process, and this one hand to analyze raw materials, on the other hand to determine final quality and to implement on-line measurement in production processes. The samples will be analyzed using conventional analytical methods through the inclusion of the FT-IR spectra. After validation of the deployed predictievergelijkingen, these can be used in the companies in various places in the production process. The target group includes the manufacturing industry of meat and egg products, as well as the suppliers of the raw materials required, and the distribution sector.