Euregional Platform for Advancing Cancer Treatment II

01 April 2009 → 31 January 2013
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  • Natural sciences
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cancer treatment
Project description

The project 'Euregional PACT II "applicants wish along with six project partners the results obtained in the Interreg III project' Euregional PACT I" further develop and deepen. More specifically, the consortium wants to create a technology platform to develop new cancer drugs. The technology is based on the fusion of annexin A5 as targeting molecule fused to a therapeutic and a tracer molecule. This should allow the therapeutic, bringing i.e. Pseudomonas toxin better with its target cells and follow this targeting by the tracer. It is the aim to bring a first fusion molecule to a level of pre-clinical study, e.g. first pharmaco-kinetics in vitro toxicity. Major efforts will also be made to optimally disseminate the knowledge gained in making the sector within the Euroregion and the technology platform accessible for companies active in the (cancer) drug development and for other research.