Ecological monitoring OW plan Ostend and Integrated Coastal Security Plan Lombardsijdelaan and Ostend (t1 situation - second phase)

01 February 2012 → 01 December 2012
Regional and community funding: various
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  • Natural sciences
    • Ecology
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coastal safety
Project description

Ecological monitoring OW plan Ostende Lombardsijde and Ostend (t1 situation - second phase) and Integrated Coastal Safety Plan, Mariakerke (t0-situation) .The subject of the contract is twofold: 1) The sampling and laboratory research on the biological t1 situation soft substrates in coastal Lombardsijde and the processing, analysis, interpretation and reporting of analytical results; 2) the provision of expert advice, to formulate research proposals and support in the preparation of EIA report income contract, these tasks 1. Measurement campaign soft substrates * sampling of beach and shore for samples; * biologically laboratory examination of the samples (macrobenthos-research); * physico-chemical laboratory analysis of the samples; 2. The processing, analysis, interpretation and reporting of the test results, including the coupling of the physico-chemical data to the biological. The previously collected data HINTS ecological T0 and T1 monitoring is integrated into the rapportering.3. Providing expert advice based on their own expertise and the current investigation.