Circular construction: the mobile unit

13 December 2019 → 12 December 2021
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Sustainable building
    • Life cycle analysis of construction materials
building Awareness Raising circularity
Project description

Bouwunie, Hogeschool Odisee, VDAB and UGent join forces to develop a mobile unit within the open call circular economy of Circular Flanders. The mobile unit will be used to demonstrate circular floor, roof and facade constructions that can serve as an alternative to current practice. The focus is on durability, comfort, reuse and disassembly of the materials. The mobile unit will be used to go to contractors, architects and other building professionals and to give trainings. This way we want to lower the threshold to start working with circular construction methods. Within the project, UGent will analyze and optimize the environmental impact of the different construction methods using life cycle analysis (LCA).