Photonics Ket - Roadmapping for Flanders

01 November 2013 → 31 May 2014
Regional and community funding: IWT/VLAIO
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Computer hardware
    • Computer theory
    • Scientific computing
    • Other computer engineering, information technology and mathematical engineering
Project description

“Photonics KET-Roadmapping for Flanders” is proposed by the Flanders Photonics Consortium, a collaboration of at least 30 key stakeholders from industry and research in Flanders, with further engagement and support of organizations across the regional value chain providing full representation of the sector, i.e. comprising both those directly engaged in photonics

and those enabled by photonics; both large corporates and SMEs; from product concept to market


The objective of the project is to produce a comprehensive, detailed and action-oriented Research

& Innovation roadmap for the development of photonics as a key enabling technology (KET) for

the advancement of society and economic growth in Flanders, which provides a common shared

set of goals and aligns the planned direction of all stakeholders in Flanders within the context of

the policy plans of the Flemish Government and the EU Photonics Roadmap under Horizon 2020,

while still protecting and fostering individual organisational strategy, creativity and intellectual

property rights.

The Flanders Photonics Roadmap will harness technological innovation within photonics itself and

in conjunction with other KETs, and be market end-user-driven to solve major societal and

industrial challenges.

The Flanders Photonics Roadmap will identify critical gaps and challenges, and the required interventions which are recommended to maximise opportunities for leveraging the unique

capabilities within the region, i.e. smart specialization, resulting in a more integrated, synergistic

approach to value creation which will substantially increase industrial innovation capacity and boost economic and employment growth in Flanders.