Teaching Greek in Eleventh-Century Byzantium. Schedography and Its Methods

01 September 2022 → 01 September 2022
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Greek language
    • Literatures in Greek
    • Medieval literature
Medieval Greek Language Byzantine literature Greek linguistics
Project description

Schedography is a Byzantine method of teaching Greek grammar that was popular from the eleventh century onwards. Its study will enable a better understanding of 1) how Byzantine Greek was taught; 2) the influence of the school curriculum on writing and reading practices in Byzantium; 3) the purposes of Byzantine education and cultural politics. The existent studies offer sound, still general overviews. Several schedographic sources are unedited and there is no reference methodology to analyse the edited material.

My project addresses this issue by looking at the eleventh century. I will provide a new edition of Longibardos handbook, the first schedographical text available. Through a linguistic and stylistic analysis, I will disclose its teaching method. The handbook will be also framed within the context of contemporary school practices. In this way, I will offer a complete picture of eleventh-century schedography and a methodology for the analysis of any schedographical source.