Emulsified systems for biofuels, Assessment of their performance in diesel engines

01 December 2014 → 30 November 2016
Federal funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Physical chemistry
Project description

The problem that this proposal is focues on is the following: there are currently no adequate routes to obtain biofuel derived from VO and from the (edible) oil industry by-products, that avoid the transesterification reaction. Bringing more attractive solutions to obtain biofuels that can can be consumed inside the refining oil industry will lead to cost reductions, pollution decrease and a better power quality. We already have the links with the industry and have a PhD project working on this topic. If micro-emulsions can be used with this purpose, the Cuban biofuels' producers can avoid the transesterification and also decrease the moistrure contained in the primary sources converted to biofuels with viscosity closer to the physical properties of diesel fuel.