iPad to the digital world in the classroom: effects of a learning program for the integration of tablet PCs in TSO and BSO

08 March 2012 → 31 March 2013
Funding by decentralised authorities
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Education curriculum
    • Education systems
    • General pedagogical and educational sciences
    • Specialist studies in education
    • Other pedagogical and educational sciences
integration tablet-pc
Project description

The present research proposal is consistent with the iPad project submitted by CVO Perspective. The project aims to introduce the use of iPads for teachers in secondary education before exploring the potential of this new technology as a teaching tool in learning processes. For this purpose, it is assumed in which an intervention teaching teams are supported in order to (re-) design and implement their curriculum in their classroom practice. To measure the results of this project, we propose a design-oriented research. Below we describe the research methodology and we successively discuss the research context, the planned intervention, the goals, the research design, research planning and finally more information about the request for funding