The development of a care pathway in youth care for children and young people with (complex) emotional and behavioral disorders

01 July 2023 → 31 December 2024
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Behavioural and emotional problems
    • Child welfare
    • Orthopedagogical interventions
    • Special needs education
VAPH Behavioral and Emotional Disorders Care pathway
Project description

Children and young people with (complex) emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) are at the intersection between different "sectors" in youth care (VAPH, Agentschap Opgroeien, GGZ).

Despite efforts in the past to come to a more performant treatment and intersectoral cooperation (youth care networks, decree "Integrale Jeugdhulp", GES+, ...) youth care services indicate doubts related to how to deal with the children and young people (and their context), and to ways of providing a succesful trajectory with a limited numbers of ruptures / breakdowns.

With this study, VAPH aims at getting insight in the trajectories of these children and young people and their families:

- we aim at getting insight in the stakeholders and how children and young people end up there (which choices are being made, by whom and why). Are there differences dependent on age ?

- we aim at getting an overview of the specific support that is provided and if and to what degree this aligns with factors "that work"

- we aim at getting insight in whether or not there are ruptures / breakdowns in the trajectories and how these develop and could be avoided

Furthermore, VAPH wants to receive an overview of factors and treatment methods "that work", based on a literature study. This should lead to specific recommendations for youth care and the development of a youth care pathway.