Linking Database Subsoil Flanders and library of the Department of Geology and soil science at Ghent University pilot project based on digitizing archive Prof. Em. W. Breuck

01 December 2014 → 30 November 2015
Federal funding: various
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database underground flanders
Project description

ALBON want the ground observations, and more specifically the drill data under management in DOV manage as high as possible. To achieve this objective it is necessary that the original data for this are as complete as possible at the disposal of DOV and its users and maximum cooperation with who is the source of the data. The personal archive of Prof. Em. W. Breuck donated to DOV with the desire to disclose the information as much as possible through DOV provided to respect privacy-sensitive data when this would occur. Part of this archive is already included in, a portion of the subsurface observations are already available through DOV former digitalisatieopdrachten and / or due to the fact that at the time orders are carried out on behalf of the DOV partners. The archive, however, has as a whole a great value so it should be ensured that everything be unlocked, partly following the revised directive HINTS reuse of public sector information which is applicable since the review of university libraries.