Study assignment about diving work

22 December 2011 → 21 February 2012
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diving works
Project description

Various universities and research groups do monitoring and scientific research at sea. For a significant part of these activities is diving work at sea a necessity. For this work the dive aforementioned clients rely on volunteers who take the plunge work on their behalf. To realize these activities, the universities and research contacts VLIZ it controls when diving activities can take place and sufficient implant in the schedule of the research vessel Sea Lion. Sea Lion belongs to the DAB FLEET, which mans the ship and acts as the ship-owner. VLIZ and FLEET have a cooperation agreement that will soon be renewed following the delivery of the replacement for the Sea Lion, the Simon Stevin. The diving activities Bunnen go both through and outside of the windmill-reserved zones and may include the entire EEZ best smell (both inside and outside the territorial waters). The lion represents a smaller work vessels Cuttlefish available, of which the diving divers.