AOP Goal oriented care

01 December 2023 → 30 November 2025
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Primary health care
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Project description

The Department of Public Health and Primary Care, the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at UGent and the 
research group Future-proof Primary Care of Arteveldehogeschool want to sustain their partnership 
regarding the topic of  'goal-oriented care' in an association research platform 'Goal-oriented 
Care' (AOP). The three partners started their collaboration from the joint involvement in a Phd on 
'goal-oriented care' in the context of the primary care academy (academievoordeeerstelijn), a chair that was 
funded by the Daniel De Coninck Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation. With this OAP 
we aim to sustain and support the research and implementation work on GOC after the end of the 
chair in 2024. 

More specifically, the added value of the intended research collaboration is situated in: 
(1) Strengthening research capacities and output:  On the one hand, there is expertise from Ghent University in conducting theoretical and fundamental 
research. On the other hand, Arteveldehogeschool has built up expertise in practice-oriented  scientific research. Combining this complementary expertise increases 
both the practical and scientific relevance of the research program. 
(2) Carrying out joint research:  Already existing collaborations are made more sustainable and structured thanks to an AOP.  This lowers the threshold for designing and implementing joint research projects.  In addition, a research collaboration offers the opportunity to bring different disciplines together 
bring together and thus perpetuate an interdisciplinary and trandisciplinary research approach. 

(3) Increasing visibility to stakeholders:  By embedding both academic research and practice-based scientific research related to GOC in an AOP supports coherent 
communication and valorisation and increases visibility to stakeholders. In 2019  Dominique Van de Velde and Pauline Boeckxstaens established a learning network on goal-oriented care.  which in the meantime, due to the great interest, is asking for sustainability and formalization. Later  following the 'Academy for the First Line' chair, this group was expanded to include Patricia De Vriendt from the Arteveldehogeschool. This AOP will give stakeholders interested in goal-oriented care  provide a more formal point of contact for questions related to training, implementation and evaluation  of goal-oriented care. 
(4) Contributions to education: The knowledge transfer between the two institutions allows research results to flow into  educational programs. In doing so, the organization of education can be better aligned. Especially since there is increasing interprofessional cooperation in the field and a need. There is a need for integrated care. welfare professionals from different disciplines receive integrated teaching content is of increasing importance. 

(5) Efficient and effective use of research facilities: Exchange of both researchers, research materials and expertise allows rational 
deal with people and resources in a rational manner. In summary, a research collaboration offers the added value in different domains, this always with the 
goal of increasing both scientific and practical relevance for the institutions and stakeholders increase.