Educational platform Language, learning, innovation: Sustainable sharing of evidence-based learning material

01 June 2022 → 31 May 2023
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Teacher education and professional development of educators
    • Primary education
    • Secondary education
    • Mesolevel instructional sciences
    • Microlevel instructional sciences
    • Teacher training
information processing school teams platform learning material teachers reading writing Evidence-based
Project description

The research group Language, Learning, Innovation (LLI) has been purposefully focusing on evidence-based intervention research in authentic classroom contexts for many years. Numerous learning materials and professionalization initiatives have already been developed and evaluated. By organizing annual study days and demand-driven individual study courses, we have already focused on disseminating this knowledge and materials to optimize the pedagogical and didactic competencies of educational professionals. However, these initiatives have become insufficient to meet the continuous demand from the educational field for (individual) support. TLI therefore wants to achieve more societal impact through the creation of an educational platform to continue to enrich educational practice and future professionalization initiatives with our evidence-based learning content.