Nickel frEe poWders for high perforMAnce compoNents

01 January 2021 → 31 December 2021
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Raw Material Nickel
Project description

Powder Metallurgy technology is suitable for mechanical component production, and offers technical advantages (e.g. design freedom, energy saving, reduction of Raw Material consumption…) and cost savings. Up to now, high performance components have been produced using traditional sintering powders containing Nickel (Ni).
However, in the last few years, the cost of nickel-containing powders has increased. Nickel carcinogenicity, Ni price evolution and supply risks, in fact, have enhanced the costs for producing and managing these powders. Currently their price is about 50% higher with respect to Ni-free powders.
In order to overcome these drawbacks of Ni, Höganäs has developed innovative Ni-free powders (NFP), demonstrating, with internal tests, that they can replace powders with Ni for the production of high performance components. 
Unfortunately, their use has not yet been validated at the industrial level, and consequently, for components in which high performance are required, designers and PM manufacturers prefer to use traditional powders with Ni. 
Therefore, the goal of the project is to prove that NFP can be used for the large-scale production of high performance components according to the strict specifications of car manufacturers. The achievement of this target will make it possible to extend their use and stimulate their market growth.