Multivariate Analysis of School Principals’ Technology Leadership Competencies, Learning School Environment and Schools’ Social Network Structures

01 October 2014 → 31 March 2020
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Education curriculum
    • Education systems
    • General pedagogical and educational sciences
    • Specialist studies in education
    • Other pedagogical and educational sciences
technology leadership technology integration social network analysis
Project description

This PhD research intends to add a genuine dimension to the educational literature by investigating technology leadership challenge in the context of individual variables (e.g. ICT coordinators’ professional self-­‐efficacy), social interactions (e.g. communication regarding technology integration issues), organizational features (e.g. technology infrastructure), and school cultural factors (e.g. learning school perception) trough the innovative quantitative analysis technique of Social Network Analysis.