Crime, Criminology and Criminal Policy

IDC Crime
01 July 2018 → 31 December 2025
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Causes and prevention of crime
    • Correctional theory, offender treatment and rehabilitation
    • Courts and sentencing
    • Criminography and methods of criminological investigation
    • Criminological theories
    • Historical criminology
    • Police administration, procedures and practice
    • Private policing and security services
    • Punishment and criminal justice
    • Safety, prevention and police
    • Youth and life course criminology
    • Criminology not elsewhere classified
    • Criminal law
    • Human rights law
    • International law
    • Litigation, adjudication and dispute resolution
    • Procedural law
    • Social law
    • Philosophy of law
    • Psychology of law
    • Sociology of law
    • Belgian politics
    • Belgian public administration
Deviation and crime (phenomena) offenders and victims Social reaction towards deviance and crime Criminal policy
Project description

The objective of the Consortium Crime, Criminology and Criminal Policy is to strengthen the quality of UGent scientific research on the domain of deviance and its (policy) response and to increase the societal impact of this research through stimulating and supporting interdisciplinary cross-departmental and cross-faculty cooperation. A strong focus lies on acquiring research funding for major (international and inter-disciplinary) research projects and creating targeted societal impact.