First Closed-loop non-Invasive Seizure Prevention System

01 April 2023 → 31 March 2026
European funding: framework programme
Research disciplines
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Diagnostics not elsewhere classified
Project description

Project RELIEVE aims at building the very first non-invasive closed-loop monitoring unit for brain-related disorders. The outcomes can
be used to treat or manage various psychiatric and neurological disorders. We will this by push the technological boundaries in two
separate domains: artificial intelligence (AI) and neurostimulation: (A) AI domain: We develop a class of tools based on the recently
developed mathematical theories that are potentially useful for the real-time monitoring of the brain data by being extremely
personalizable and requiring exceptionally low computational power. This makes such algorithms runnable on ordinary wearable
devices. (B) Neurostimulation domain: We combine two characteristics of the ultrasound waves in stimulation and imaging of the
nervous system to build the first smart-navigated wearable ultrasound patch.
During the course of three years, we use epilepsy as the first use case of the developed technologies to train and test a closed-loop
system that runs the AI on the brain data through a patch recording electrical activity of the brain (EEG) in addition to other
physiological measures such as heart rate and motion. Upon prediction by the AI for an anomaly (seizure in this case), the
neurostimulation module activates and stimulates the vagus nerve. To achieve this, we have a complex phase-based development
and testing plan that can already generate various novel products as the project progresses.

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