Circular BIOmass CAScade to 100%

01 July 2017 → 31 December 2021
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composite bridges
Project description

The rural areas of the North Sea Region (NSR) are expected to play a major role towards the development of a regional circular bio-economy. The objective of the BIOCAS project is to ignite this development and turn the rural areas into smart specialized regions for the integrated and local valorization of biomass, based on biomass cascading principles. The biomass cascading principle means extracting valuable components out of biomass before it is processed. The 18 BIOCAS partners from Denmark, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands firmly believe that this will generate economic, societal and ecological benefits and prosperity. This will accelerate greening and revitalization of the rural areas.

The main focus of BIOCAS is to realize concrete Biomass Cascading Alliances (BCA's) for a more sustainable conversion of biomass. A BCA covers all stakeholders which are involved in the value chain of biomass (Feedstock -> Processing -> Product + Waste streams/Feedstock). Via triple helix, science, business and governmental input, the BCA's will be realized and thus ignite the development of a strong regional circular economy in the rural areas of the NSR.

UGent participates in the BCA on a biobased composite bridge