Study of interprofessional collaboration and interprofessional learning with practitioners, home care nurses and palliative care teams in guiding cancer patients at home

01 November 2012 → 31 October 2014
Funding by bilateral agreement (private and foundations)
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Education curriculum
home situation cancerpatient
Project description

GPs in Flanders works closely with palliative care teams (MBE's) in support of palliative patients that are most cancer patients (annual registration all together teams of Flanders: +/- 80%). Interprofessional collaboration and cross-industry expertise and exchange increases. The present proposal of the MBEs nurses will receive training on work coaching skills and interprofessional. The objective is therefore to cooperate and to promote co-learning thereby increasing the expertise of all healthcare providers and improves the quality of care for the patient. A mixed methodology (qualitative: interviews, and quantitative: effect measurement via randomized trial) is used to evaluate the haallbaarheid and the effect of the training.