Oceans and lakes programme - research scholarship Sarah Musalizi

01 October 2012 → 30 September 2014
Institutional allowance
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Oceanography
oceans and lakes
Project description

Oceans and lakes program - research scholarship Sarah Musalizi A wide spectrum of disciplines related to marine and lacustrine science and management are covered Since admission is allowed to various science related bachelor degrees It May offering a unique opportunity to re-orient tate your study career. All classes are based expertise as guaranteed by the large numbers of renowned research groups related to the program. A wide spectrum of thesis subjects will be offered by the various research groups associated with the program-including the NIOO and UCL (associated as visiting professors). You study together with students from all continents providing the global context of future marine and lacustrine research and management. The highest standard of education and research is guaranteed by the three universities. Classes are organized at all three universities in an efficient way to minimize traveling and maximize acquaintance with Existing facilities, research groups and infrastructure.