A corpus-based investigation of the dative alternation with TRANSFER verbs in the history of New High German (1650 until present)

01 November 2017 → 31 December 2022
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Linguistics
    • Theory and methodology of linguistics
    • Theory and methodology of literary studies
    • Other languages and literary studies
linguistics German historical corpus-based research dative alternation (alternating constructions) ditransitive transfer verbs
Project description

This project explores the motivations behind the alternation between the Dative Construction (e.g. Sie sendet dir einen Brief) and the Prepositional Construction (e.g. Er sendet den Aufsatz an den Herausgeber) with ditransitive TRANSFERverbs (geben, senden, schicken etc.) in the history of ‘New High German’ (ca. 1650 until present). The focus is on (i) the changing frequencies and forms of the alternation and on (ii) the role of different factors that correlate with the alternation.