Fighting infectious diseases with combination therapy: targetting sociomicrobiological processes to circumvent antimicrobial resistance

01 January 2013 → 31 December 2016
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antimicrobial resistance
Project description

The frequent occurrence of resistance to commonly used anti-microbial products, combined with the induction of biofilm-specific tolerance mechanisms, makes the control of infection caused by these microorganisms, particularly difficult. The main objective of this project is to launch a new therapeutic concept by new actors to indenificeren the immune resistance to antimicrobial products. The inhibition of these new targets by "Antimicrobial products. This strategy, directed at the" attenuation "of the relevant micro-organisms, it will translate into a combination therapy, in which a conventional antimicrobial agent is combined with a specific" antimicrobial potentiator ", thereby the effect of the antimicrobial agent is increased.