Research with recommendations to explore the topic of digital transformation of the cultural and creative sectors within Flanders/Belgium and in preparation for the Belgian EU presidency in 2024.

29 October 2022 → 31 March 2023
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Cultural sociology
    • Sociology of leisure and tourism
    • Voluntary associations, participation and civil society
participation audience development digital transformation
Project description

This project aims to answer the following research questions :

  • What initiatives exist around data of public participation and development within the CCS in the other communities and regions within Belgium (French Community, German-speaking Community, Walloon Region and Brussels Capital Region) and at the federal level? What is the situation in the 26 other EU member states and within the EU institutions (Council, Commission and Parliament) themselves? What other initiatives around audience participation and development data are high on the European agenda in the field of culture?
  • Taking into account the situation sketch in Flanders, the other communities and regions, the Federal Government and the relevant initiatives in the various EU member states: what strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks exist with regard to digital transformation of the CCS?
  • What are the possible scenarios for Flanders/Belgium to tell an adding story at European level within the theme of data of public participation and development?
  • What other substantive emphases should Flanders place based on the research conducted? Would Flanders benefit from focusing on audience participation and development data (both digital participation in and creation of activities and digital follow-up of visitors, data collection and analysis, etc.) in the CCS and the related context of revenue models, marketing strategies, etc.?
    Are there other pressing issues that need to be addressed regarding, for instance, the relaunch of the CCS that has been addressed in different EU countries?

The answers to the research questions should result in a report with:

  • a mapping and SWOT analysis of initiatives around public participation and development data within the CCS within Belgium (excluding Flanders), the EU Member States and the European Commission and within relevant European networks, e.g. from organisations within a specific sector;
  • an analysis into the digital transformation needs of the Flemish/Belgian cultural and creative sectors; and
  • a proposal on what concrete additions and policy proposals (including critical success factors) Flanders/Belgium can make to the EU and Member States within the digital transformation theme of the CCS during the Belgian Presidency in the first half of 2024.