Francqui Research Professor "Man en landscape in the Bronze and Iron Age in Siberia and Flanders"

01 September 2010 → 30 September 2013
Funding by bilateral agreement (private and foundations)
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Archaeology of Australia, Asia, Africa, and the Americas
    • Archaeology of conflict
    • Archaeology of the Low countries or Belgium
    • Historical archaeology
    • Landscape archaeology
Altay archeology landscape protohistory
Project description

This research project (sabbatical) focusses on the last two millennia BC, i.e. the Bronze and the Iron Age, in two different research areas. For Siberia, the main focus is on the analysis of the geographical and spatial patterns that rule the location of the archaeological monuments, in order to understand the socio-economic structures that characterise these periods. Man -body and mind- landscape are the keywords.

The research on the Bronze and Iron Ages in Flanders is based on an intensive aerial photographic survey that is organised, on a yearly basis, and reveals an ancient landscape. Here, the focus is on the burial mounds and their landscape