Teaching in the bed of Procrustus

01 December 2008 → 30 November 2009
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differences between students
Project description

A view offer on the differences between pupils, esp. between boys and girls in the first grade of secondary education with a view to the selection of mediating variables (predictive) indicators for dropout or without qualifications; To develop a matrix in which collected strategies, and are arranged to hold in a targeted manner, to gender profiles; Turning provide an integrated strategy description of measures, methods and procedures that can be used from the start of the full SBO research; Setting up an exploratory empirical stage where a partnership is created with an initial selection of middle schools; Building a framework to monitor the quality of the research work and can increase the chances of exploitation of the results; the composition of a user committee; utilizing the expertise of the user committee by intensive discussion of the structure and content based on two interim reports.