Flat optical components based on chiral liquid crystal with photoalignment

LC optics
15 July 2022 → 30 November 2024
Regional and community funding: Industrial Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Optical properties and interactions with radiation
    • Soft condensed matter
  • Engineering and technology
    • Nanofabrication, growth and self assembly
    • Metamaterials
augmented reality diffraction gratings liquid crystals flat optics photoalignment
Project description

Chiral liquid crystals can be used as building blocks to create efficient reflective diffractive optical components with complex functionality, such as gratings or lenses. The high reflectivity for certain wavelengths arises from the periodic structure of the CLC material. The complex optical functionality is obtained by photoalignment of a photosensitive material in an interference setup. Several companies have contacted us with interest in such devices for use in augmented reality displays. In this project we want to align our technological know-how to match the industrial interest and to develop IP in this field.