Europeana Libraries: Aggregating digital content from Europe's libraries

Europeana Libraries
01 January 2011 → 31 December 2012
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Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
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Project description

The Europeana Libraries project will:
1. Bring to Europeana the digital collections of some of Europe's leading research libraries from 11 countries. The content is of the highest quality and is also significant in terms of scale, with some of the largest digital collections in Europe, including extensive collections from Google Books, theses and dissertations from DART-Europe and open-access journal articles via the Directory of Open Access Journals. In total some 5.168.453 pages/omages/books and these/AV clips/articles will be loaded into Europeana as an outcome of Europeana Libraries.
2. Be the first project to offer digital collections where the text will be fully searchable in Europeana, making it possible to search inside books and other maerials. Europeana Libraries will also devote time and expertise to enhancing fill-text searching capabilities and features.
3. Establish systems and processes capable of ingesting and indexing significant quantities of digitised material, including text, images, moving images and sound clips. The outcome will be an efficient and effective library-domain aggregator service for Europeana.
Once the library aggregation model has been established over the two-year life of Europeana Libraries, the service will be fully capable of extension to other libraries across Europe, Including the rest of LIBER and CERL membership- over 400 libraries in over 40 countries across Europe