Procesoptimalisation for the reuse of growth medium in the cultivation of marine microalgae in closed photobioreactor

01 January 2011 → 31 December 2014
Regional and community funding: IWT/VLAIO
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Analytical chemistry
    • Inorganic chemistry
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Pharmaceutical analysis and quality assurance
  • Engineering and technology
    • Catalysis and reacting systems engineering
    • Chemical product design and formulation
    • General chemical and biochemical engineering
    • Process engineering
    • Separation and membrane technologies
    • Transport phenomena
    • Other (bio)chemical engineering
algae production medium recycling photobioreactor microalgae
Project description

A missing link in the current algae production is the reuse of the culture medium. This doctoral study covers the development of a method to rejuvenate the culture medium so it can be reused for algae production. This will generate knowledge and insight so that developed techniques can be used to realize medium recycling in other than the studied algae systems.