Monitoring innate immunity in arthritis and mucosal inflammation

01 February 2013 → 30 April 2016
European funding: framework programme
Research disciplines
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Orthopaedics
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    • Human movement and sports sciences
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arthritis mucosal inflammation
Project description

MIAMI will establish relevant disease mechanisms and translate finding into novel biomarkers for individual adaptation of therapies(personalised medicine) for seronegative arthritis. Our research strategy leaves retracted ways of genetics and clasical autoimmunity; instead we will focus on innate immunity and inflammation. The goals of MIAMI are ambitious and will be reached with cutting-edge reseach performed by the most excellent researchers in the field, who have been combined to form a multidisciplinary consortium. The choice of the scientific as well as industry partners was entirely based on excellence. Thus, MIAMI brings together the leading teams that are working on mechanisms of innate immunity in arthritis and mucosal inflammation. In summary, MIAMI will significantly contribute to progress on the key questions: Who will be affected by which disease manifestation or complication, how can we use this knowledge to identify the disease, and what will be a meaningful target to treat or even prevent deleterious outcome.