Integrating plant biotechnology and industrial biotechnology to synthesise and study the role of plant metabolites spurred by a flexible high-throughput molecular and on-line dynamic screening platform

01 May 2018 → 30 April 2022
Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Biomaterials engineering
    • Biological system engineering
    • Biomaterials engineering
    • Biomechanical engineering
    • Other (bio)medical engineering
    • Environmental engineering and biotechnology
    • Industrial biotechnology
    • Other biotechnology, bio-engineering and biosystem engineering
plant metabolites
Project description

The increasing complexity of the biotechnological optimization questions studied in the field of plant biotechnology and industrial biotechnology, requires the cloning and detailed characterization of continuously more extensive protein, DNA part (e.g., promoters, terminators) and cell libraries. To meet these requirements a flexible, fully automated high-throughput molecular and on-line dynamic screening platform is mandatory.
This platform in combination with omics measurements and artificial intelligence will allow to approach the biotechnological questions addressed in a (more) systematic and standardized way at an unprecedented scale, boosting the multi-disciplinary character of the research conducted and contributing to building a fundamental understanding of the processes studied. The latter is essential for the success of biotechnological engineering.
As such, this core facility will accelerate current and open new research lines in the field of plant and industrial biotechnology. The integration of these research fields is crucial for the research on the synthesis and study of the of plant metabolites (e.g. lectins, flavonoids, terpenoids, etc.) and will contribute to unlocking the application potential of these molecules in various domains.