BIOCHAR: Climate saving soils

01 April 2009 → 31 March 2014
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Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Soil sciences, challenges and pollution
  • Agricultural and food sciences
    • Agriculture, land and farm management
Project description

The project has two major goals. The first goal is to establish a transnational strategy for Biochar production and application. The other goal is communicating with and educating people about biochar, including authorities, producers and end-users. To actually be able to reach these goals the project partners have developed a very specific communication strategy.

Communication strategy
The project aims to contribute to the dissemination of biochar knowledge between various groups of stakeholders such as academic researchers, farmers, companies and policy makers on a national and on a transnational level.

Transnational cooperation and communication
The Biochar: climate saving soils project aims to inform stakeholders on an international level. It does this in two ways:
First of all between 8 and 10 easily accessible newsletters aimed at a broad spectrum of readers will be published in the course of 2013.

Secondly this project aims to bundle the current state of affairs in biochar research and biochar implementation in a book. This book will likely be published early 2014 and will be presented to relevant European policy makers as well as national policy makers. The book can and probably will also function as a starting point for various new transnational biochar project in 2014 and beyond.

The Biochar book is a coproduction of the partners in the Biochar: climate saving soils project and several other prominent writers. The biochar book aims to inform all relevant stakeholder groups in the North Sea Region on the current state of biochar research, on the possible applications of biochar in Europe and around the North Sea specifically, on barriers that still prevent biochar from being used on a wider scale and last but not least it takes a look at the path ahead for biochar and biochar research after 2013.

National forums
The biochar project also aims to contribute to national discourse on biochar in each of the seven participating countries around the North Sea. In countries where no sophisticated platform for discussion on biochar related topics exists the project aims to create such a platform. We like to call such a platform a national forum. All relevant groups of stakeholder are bound together in such a national forum.

Part of each national forum is the national competence center. A national competence center acts as the central node of the national forum. The exact form of these national competence centers depends on the national situation, but generally it consists of an internet portal, a group of people and a location that can be visited. The national competence center brings together various stakeholders in meetings, workshops etc. Furthermore a competence center educates stakeholders where necessary, organises additional structures where necessary, advises policy makers on the national level and contributes to biochar strategy on a national level.