Locally integrated security: polarization and radicalization: an integrated approach to prevention

01 October 2009 → 30 September 2010
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Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Law
safety policy
Project description

Research indicates that a local implementation of the preventive approach to radicalization should be central. Indeed, the local level has the most views on these issues. A uniform measurement system must be able to be applied at the local level, taking into account the local specificity. This analysis should be user friendly and can be performed on a periodic basis so that trends can be determined and results are used to evaluate a policy. The development of a local measurement system based on a problem quantitatively (what are the facts, the figures?) And high level (radicalization is perceived as a real problem and what causes underlie?). The analysis is an exploratory scan that can provide informed answers to the appropriateness of a prevention of radicalization, and the focus lines outlined this policy (which can be issued specific targets based on the problem). Once the methodology has been developed, it must be tested with the team in a test phase, in Dutch and French-speaking community (with one big church, and one small). Based on personal experience, the final adjustments can then be made for a user results. In addition to the development of a single measurement system, is to formulate the crew recommendations for the structural embedding of this methodology to federal and local level, so that it can be used periodically and systematically in an integral prevention radicalization. It also may serve to make recommendations on the establishment of partnerships between civil society organizations and governments so information exchange can be facilitated.