iNoLa - Inventory of the Norwegian species of thallus-forming Laboulbeniales associated with beetles, with particular focus on the superfamily Staphylinoidea

01 April 2023 → 31 March 2026
Funding by bilateral agreement (private and foundations)
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Invertebrate biology
    • Terrestrial ecology
    • Mycology
Laboulbeniales microfungi species list parasite-host
Project description

Our project will inventory a large group of microscopic fungi (order Laboulbeniales) ectoparasitic on terrestrial arthropods, primarily on beetles, for the first time in Norway. The order is considered extremely poorly known in Norway and there is no taxonomic expertise in the country. We expect to discover at least 100 species new to Norway. The work will be implemented as collaboration between an expert in beetles (Natural History Museum, University of Oslo (NHM(UiO)) and an expert in the Laboulbeniales fungi (Ghent University, Belgium). The project will transfer knowledge and taxonomic expertise on Laboulbeniales to Norwegian students, researchers and one technician. Three field season allow covering selected localities across the entire Norway. As for the parasites their insect hosts act as habitats, we will target insect taxa known to potentially host the fungi by taxon specific collecting methods in their preferred ecosystems and habitats. The project will publish results in scientific papers, contribute to DNA barcoding, provide species occurrence data, include outreach activities and upon completion deliver a collection for long term depository at NHM(UiO) and Ghent University.

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