Electrospun cross-linked Poly(2-oxazolyne) nanofibers as smart materials in new generation airco

PAOx wateruptake
01 July 2017 → 30 June 2018
Regional and community funding: Industrial Research Fund
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poly 2 oxazolines electrospinning
Project description

We have been approached by a company that has developed a new type of air conditioner that uses up to 80% less energy and uses water instead of synthetic gases. The key of their technology relies on the use of poly(2-oxazoline)s as smart materials. However, they are facing two important issues hindering their wide success: polymer smart material stability and device size.

At UGent, we have developed key expertise to modify these poly(2-oxazoline)s (PAOx) to solve both issues by applying cross-linking chemistry - providing stability - and shaping the bulk polymer into nanofibers –roviding high performance and thus reducing size.

Air conditioning units are a growing multi-billion euro market currently based in outdated highly polluting and energy intensive technologies. Within this ConcepTT we will develop and patent technologies to integrate poly(2-oxazoline)s in air treatment devices enabling for a disruptively new green technology.