Research Consortium on particle based immunotherapy

01 July 2015 → Ongoing
Ghent University funding
Research disciplines
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Biomarker discovery and evaluation
    • Drug discovery and development
    • Medicinal products
    • Pharmaceutics
    • Pharmacognosy and phytochemistry
    • Pharmacology
    • Pharmacotherapy
    • Toxicology and toxinology
    • Other pharmaceutical sciences
Project description

  In view of the interdisciplinary nature of the above-defined lines of research is very various knowledge is required in order to bring the experimental work to a successful conclusion. Both research groups have entirely complementary expertise but share the same objectives. Thus the expertise of Gern situated mainly in materials science right while LMCT has a very extensive immunological knowledge and much experience in vivo. The main goals of the alliance research are (a) to further expand the already ongoing research projects; (B) to define new research & euml; ren / initial & euml, run on the interface of advanced drug delivery / immunology / oncology; (C) facilitate the exchange of knowledge, research protocols and, above all, structured dialogue between UGent and VUB Group. The research alliance also aims to (d) by means of lectures, conferences, workshops, & hellip; cooperation in doctoral and post-doctoral level between the partners to a higher level. Moreover, this academic year at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Ghent University new educational program ’ s respectively for the ‘ Master Pharmaceutical Care ’ and ‘ master medicines devel rail ’ approved. A strong focus in the master drug development lies inter alia in ‘ advanced bio-therapies ’ / biologics / advanced drug delivery &rsquo ;. At the Ghent University is much (pharmaceutical) expertise in ‘ advanced drug delivery &rsquo ;, while the university is a leader in medical and clinical aspects of ‘ advanced Biotherapies / cell Therapy &rsquo ;. (E) The purpose of the alliance research also contribute to quality education on advanced bioi-therapies / advanced drug delivery to pharmacy students of UGent and VUB.