HEAD - Higher Education for All analyseD: An intersectional analysis of in- and excluding mechanisms in higher education

01 April 2022 → 31 March 2026
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Higher education
    • Inclusive and special education
    • Sociology of education
Diversity inclusive education Qualitative research
Project description

The main aim of this research project is an intersectional analysis of

in/excluding mechanisms in higher education for ethnic minority

students and those from socio-economically vulnerable groups. While

studies have identified these groups’ vulnerable position in both

college attendance & drop-out, few studies have delved deeper into

the underlying processes at the root of these issues. Consequently,

this research project investigates barriers & support-systems within

higher education in a comprehensive way. To do so, two

perspectives are employed: the agency perspective (i.e., the

perspective of the student) and the system perspective (i.e., the

perspective of the lecturer and system of higher education). This

results in three research objectives: 1) an in-depth analysis of how

students navigate the possible barriers and supports in higher

education with regard to study activities, interactions with peers and

lecturers, and institutional culture; 2) an in-depth analysis of how

systemic barriers in the higher educational context are presented in

the discourse of lecturers, the curriculum and teaching activities; 3)

an analysis of social equity issues following the rise in digital and

self-regulated learning; evolutions which have gained momentum

due to the corona pandemic and risk exacerbating the vulnerable

position of these groups. Doing so, this project provides a 360° view

of mechanisms for “Higher Education for All” on the individual,

interpersonal & institutional level.