Public contract on the positioning of the policy instrument 'standardization' in general, with special attention to a possible revision of hospital standards in Flanders

07 November 2019 → 06 March 2020
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Law not elsewhere classified
hospital norms health quality strategy supervision
Project description

Creating norms by the governement has as goal to generate a minimal level of quality of care (in structures, processes and outcomes) and make it obligatory applicable for healthcare providers in order to protect healthcare users.

In this researchproject a solid theoretical and conceptual basis for the creation of (hospital) norms will be identified. The current situation (including systems such as accredition, frameworks of demands, quality indicators, the way of working of "Zorginspectie" and new trends (platforms for users of health services wth public evaluation systems, new posibilities with regards to data management, ...) will be explored. Finally, it will be concluded whether norms for supervision are still usefull for the governement as a way to improve quality of care in comparison with other new trends.