Use of essential oils in marinades on fresh fish and meat preparations

01 March 2014 → 31 March 2016
Regional and community funding: IWT/VLAIO
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Systems biology
essential oils in marinades
Project description

Following the TETRA project "use of essential oils in water as a tool for the removal of pathogenic and spoilage flora" are some essential oils proved to be very effective for their antimicrobial activity against both pathogenic and spoilage vegetation. This project is proposed to add these effective essential oils to marinades. It can be assumed that a synergistic or additive effect can be expected between the added salt and essential oil, so that a lower salt concentration is needed. Also, an increase in antimicrobial activity of organic acids and essential oil are expected, when they are present together in the marinade. Moreover, the organoleptic limitations associated with the use of oils essentials, less of a problem in marinades, eg. Essential oil of oregano in a Mediterranean marinade on chicken is already used for the sake of sensory reasons. Gecombinerd with marinades will also be possible to use a mild heat treatment because it already is a technique that is employed in the Industry. Further, shelf-life studies will be performed in which the meat or fish meal matrix in ee with marinade essenstiële oil will be packaged under vacuum or MAP packaging.