Modeling non-invasive arterial tissue characterization using ultrsound

01 October 2010 → 02 September 2011
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund, Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
Research disciplines
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Biomechanics
    • Biomechanics
    • Biomechanics
  • Engineering and technology
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    • Biological system engineering
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ultrasound finite-element simulations computational modeling arterial tissue characterization arterial stiffness shear-wave imaging
Project description

In this PhD-project, we aim to investigate the potential of ultrasound to quantify the mechanical properties of healthy and pathological arterial tissue based on computational models. First, we will acquire more insight into the interaction of acoustic waves with the tissue at microstructural level. Secondly, clinically applicable ultrasound modalities for arterial tissue characterization will be simulated and validated.